Few, it’s been a while!
At the moment I am fully focused on becoming an International Music Management graduate. Working on my graduation thesis non-stop. As soon as I am done music will be my first priority once again which already makes me very excited.

In between the whole graduation process I will be doing a few cool gigs though. First up this weekend is Ruigoord. I’ll be playing with my twin-bro and amazing guitar player Dusty Ciggaar in a unique setting at a sold out Georgie’s Wundergarten. Sunday we’ll be doing a show at Bospop, Weert with The Howlin’. Haven’t checked out our brand new EP yet? Listen to it below!

Later in July I will travel to Sylt, Germany to catch up with doing some backings for Matt Bianco together with my good friend Doeshka Vrede. So much fun!

Next to all this I am still learning to play the guitar as well. The struggle is very real but patience is a virtue. ūüėČ



‚ÄčHolidays are over!‚Äč

It only felt like yesterday when I wrote my JULI news, while I was just beginning my two month vacation and here we are again, back to school and the normal every day life.

Music wise I had an amazing summer. As mentioned last time, ‚ÄčDoeshka and I ‚Äčwere invited to do the backing vocals for Mark Reilly and Mark Fischer ‚Äča.k.a. the band, Matt Bianco.
‚ÄčThe JazzDream‚Äč organized ‚Äča gig at Delft Jazz, ‚Äčgreat crowd, super cool! ‚ÄčFollowed by a more intimate but amazing show in the North Sea Jazz Club. ‚ÄčGreat ‚Äčfun to‚Äč find‚Äč so many people ‚Äčknowing just about every song by heart and have them singing along! ‚ÄčQuite an‚Äč experience, also thanks to Doeshka Vrede, ‚Äčmy “fellow’‚Äč backing vocalist‚Äč.
‚ÄčA good ‚Äčeducational ‚Äčexperience due to us never having done real ‚Äčtype of ‚Äčooh’s‚Äč and aah’s backings. ‚ÄčNot that doing that is my main ambition, but it was fun never the less.‚Äč

‚Äč‚ÄčLets not forget the great festivals with Ashtraynutz‚Äč, ‚ÄčZwarte Cross being the highlight of it all. Such an amazing ‚Äč‚Äčatmosphere and they ‚Äčdo really know how to‚Äč take good care of ‚Äčtheir artists.‚Äč Great festival to play at and awesome to attend.

Now it’s back to school and back to teaching singing classes for Muziekschool Zuid-Oost. ‚ÄčOf course the music does not stop there..‚Äč

‚ÄčWe ‚Äčplay‚Äčed‚Äč a show with Tess&theChiefs again, ha‚Äčd‚Äč been quite a while, at Merz in Dordrecht. ‚ÄčWeather gods were with us‚Äč. Following we were asked for support‚Äčing‚Äč Bo Saris at Tivoli, Vredenburg (Ronda) on the 12th of September with Ashtraynutz.

‚ÄčFurthermore‚Äč I am‚Äč, and not for the first time,‚Äč struggling with trying to teach myself how to play the guitar. I would love to be able to post some vids and just make my own demo’s in the (probably not so near as I would want to) future. But hey, it’s a beginning. You’re never too old to learn!

But for now i’ll just stick to the singing part!
Hope you come and check us out some time ūüėČ ‚ÄčStay tuned!‚Äč

Doesh, Tess & Matt


‚ÄčYes!!!‚Äč ‚ÄčS‚Äčummer is here again! ‚Äč(what’s a little rain anyway…)‚Äč
‚ÄčMade it ‚Äčanother year of my study, International Music Management‚Äč, 2 more to go.‚Äč
‚ÄčA‚Äčll that is left are my self chosen minors, an internship, some more minors and writing a final thesis ‚Äč. As said, just 2 more years…Time goes by so darn fast.

This summer will be filled with a variety of gigs in total different settings.
Most of ’em will be with Ashtraynutz, in between writing and recording new music we will be playing some cool festivals such as Zwarte Cross, Haarlem Jazz & More and Slag bij Waterloo. ‚ÄčFestivals are the best. ‚ÄčAlways such a nice chilled out vibe and happy faces jumping and dancing around. Already excited!

We also got booked for a couple of acoustic gigs/living room concerts. Just me and my twinbrother Joel together with the amazingly talented Dusty. Always a lot of fun and sometimes even a little scary. People really tend to be extremely quiet at those kind of things and truly listen to the music. Very special!

Another exciting thing is that I got asked to do the backing vocals for the British singer Mark Reilly, singer of the formation called Matt Bianco. My parents ‚Äčused to play ‚Äčtheir music‚Äč, still do sometimes,‚Äč ‚Äčso I do know their sound ‚Äčreally well‚Äč. ‚ÄčCan’t wait to get started on those songs and join him on stage. I assume the crowd will be quit a different mix. We will be playing at Delft Jazz Festival and do a show in the North Sea Jazz Club in Amsterdam. Yay!

I wish you all an amazing summer and hopefully see you at one of these gigs!!!



Just a very short update and a nice vid for you guys. As I told you all about in my last post I was asked to join Ian Siegal on stage at the North Sea Jazz club in Amsterdam a while back. Below you can check out our version of ‘Love Hurts’ inspired by Emmylou Harris and Gram Parsons.

In the meanwhile I am still very busy with school and Ashtraynutz is still in the creating phase towards a debut album. However, we are doing some gigs in between. First up is next Sunday June 8 in The Hague, Kerkplein at Swan Market. A cool lifestyle market with very good food a chilled out vibe and of course…awesome music ūüėČ

Hope to see you there! X


It’s been two weeks already and yet I am still glowing after a great night at the sold out North Sea Jazz Club on the 17th of April. Joel and I had the honor of joining mister Ian Siegal on stage. We joined in on a few songs as backing vocals and, again, I was asked to join into a duet with Ian with the beautiful song’Love Hurts’. It was just magical. This was all live recorded on camera and on tape to make a live album out of it. Who knows, our collaboration there might end up on his album, how cool would that be?

Anyways, back to the where we left of last time. ‚ÄčStill doing a lot‚Äč of ‚Äčrehearsing‚Äč with ‚Äč Ashtraynutz to make sure the new songs will sound as we have them in mind. To follow is the challenge on how to proceed next! Today we finished recording ‘wake me up’ at Massive Music studio. We are very eager to hear the result! Of course also hoping the song can be pitched by Massive Talent. If successful that might just pay for the studio recording of our CD! M‚Äčeanwhile ‚Äčwe are open for ‚Äčcool gigs‚Äč for Ashtraynutz and of course ‚Äčmy own band‚Äč,‚ÄčTess & the Chiefs‚Äč!‚Äč ‚ÄčSeems to be going well! ‚ÄčWe play‚Äčed‚Äč at the Swan Market in Rotterdam last week. ‚ÄčA bit of a strange gig due to Joel having a terrible cold but it turned out a lot of people really enjoyed themselves and even bought some EP’s after. Due to us being so busy with rehearsals we are not heading towards a summer filled with loads of festivals, however, I am happy to say that we will be playing at Zwarte Cross this year. Heard so much about this festival so I am already excited.

Maybe see you there!!! 10150714_10202953631153675_7468569445994190534_n


Thought it was about time for an update.

Us, Ashtraynutz, are working very hard on new repertoire and we are preparing ourselves for our first try out of our new songs at Bird, Rotterdam the 14th of March.¬†Very exciting for us to play our new tunes and see the crowd’s reaction to them.¬†March will also be the month in which Thomas Zwijsen is going to release his second album! As I am featured on a really nice song on this album I will join him on stage once in a while during his coming tour as guest. Those dates will appear in the ‘Agenda’ soon. Be sure to come check him out if you get the chance. Thomas is an amazing guitar player who makes brilliant arrangements.¬† The album, Nylonized, will be released on the 11th of March!

Meanwhile I still teach some singing classes for Muziekschool Zuid Oost when I get the chance and study my ass off for International Music Management. Because of Ashtraynutz being in the creation/writing phase we do not plan too many gigs at the moment so, time for a brilliant Tess&theChiefs gig at Maloe Melo once again. We always have a blast when we play there. This is planned March 15th so if you feel up for a drink and a dance, be sure to drop by! First up though, club Dauphine! Singing a couple of rootsy songs tomorrow (Friday 21/02), hope to see you there! X


Last post, ‚Äúfinally summer‚ÄĚ, that long ago? What happened? It‚Äôs cold and miserable and everyone is talking about Xmas already. I must have been busy to find the months went by so quickly. Ashtraynutz has been going places. We‚Äôve done a lot of gigs, some radio shows and also, in between, some very nice gigs with The Chiefs. Talking of which, more so The Rhythm Chiefs, presently happen to be touring with the most famous and notorious Ian Siegal. We had to go see them play of course. At least one time while still in our little country so, off we went, to Amersfoort, last Friday. I had the honor of being invited on stage to do a song we had done before, in Almere, at a Blues Festival. Love Hurts! A bit of a struggle for both of us to sing into the one mic. But it worked. Check this link¬†if you‚Äôre curious to see what that looked and sounded like. I very much enjoyed singing together again with Ian. The show was great, The Chiefs at their best and everyone seemed to have so much fun. Next gig is with Ashtraynutz, coming Thursday, at Cafe Miles in Amersfoort!!! If you are around make sure to join us there. For those closer to ‚Äėhome‚Äô don‚Äôt miss us in Haarlem next Sunday afternoon in de Jopen Kerk. Month of December is a bit slow, gig wise, but ATN is working very hard on new repertoire, perhaps release a new EP and hopefully sometime soon, a full album to follow. I am working on some other projects with different musicians and still teach ¬†for the music school in Zuid Oost Amsterdam. In between I will try and work myself thru my study, International Music Management. Its tough! I‚Äôd much rather just sing all the time ūüėČ

Tess & Ian Siegal


Alright,¬† finally summer has begun and the vibe has been set by beatcreator Moods who has created a great summer remix of the Ashtraynutz track ‚ÄėCity Life‚Äô.¬†Check it out here! It has been checked out already by many so far and the support is massive! It’s awesome,Thanks! I¬† finished my first year of ‚ÄėInternational Music Management‚Äô and am totally ready for a summer filled with gigs and chillings. The agenda is filling up! A few nice gigs for¬†Tess & the Chiefs and look at where we are with Ashtraynutz, at the most impressive one and only Solar festival. ‚Ä®We are going to rock that main stage with Ashtraynutz on the 3rd of August.¬†We are also dropping a new single around that time which is going to be something different…. Meanwhile, if anyone is interested in recording a song and get some coaching to improve, be sure to let me know! Maaaan, am I looking forward to these 2 months! Let the summer begin…


Finally! New look, new opportunities, new website. You are most welcome to come check this out. The great pictures, made especially for this site, were shot by Erik Sawaya.

For those that do still want to browse around the “old” site, feel free to do so. My very first website, created during the¬†JSF period in 2005, is also still available. Just check the links! In case you wonder, this website was designed by my father, Robert Gaerth√©, and our friend, Glenn Geiger,¬†who made the designs come alive!

So, as of now, come and visit this page to see what we are up to.